nick was special guest at king krule and that was when i learnt he was something else entirely

woa I like this

Kev slow dancing alone.
Interviewer: What pop culture phenomenon from 2012 would you most like to erase from your memory?
Dom: The only pop culture phenomenon from 2012 that I'm aware of is "Gangnam Style," and watching Julien and Jay burst into that song spontaneously every day on tour has completely enriched each of our lives, so none.

I just wanted to take a picture of the frontage, I’ll stand in line later. I saw Jay Watson, he was sitting on a café terrace right next to the venue but I didn’t want to bother him <3 

17 year old Jay Watson former drummer for The Novocaines


Kendrick Lamar unexpectedly teams up with Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala for this new record entitled “Backwards.”

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I Don’t Want to Hang Out With the Boys///Allbrook, Avery and Co.

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"Kevin’s been writing all these disco, Michael Jackson megahits that he wouldn’t use for Tame because he’d be too sheepish about it but I’m trying to convince him to because they’re all next-level Thriller-pop."

- Jay Watson, (x)

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